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Alerts and Monitoring

Power and Temperature Alarms

Power and Temperature Alarms have a wide range of applications and capabilities. From straight forward temperature and water sensors to complete monitoring systems with built in dialers. With the ability to monitor multiple conditions such as humidity, power supplies, security, temperature, water levels/leaks you will find one of our high-quality alarm monitors is all you need to control, monitor and protect your home, business, farm etc.. With many of our monitoring systems having their own built in dialers you can even have the system call multiple phone numbers to let you know if a problem arises while you are away!

Want to use your Dialer in an area with no land line or hard line?
No problem!

Alarms with No Phone Line Required!


Use our environmental alarms and control to help protect your belongings and property from acts of nature or household disasters such as freezing or bursting pipes or any other damage which may occur due to power outages.

What sort of environmental conditions should I be worried about in my home?

The most common conditions which can cause serious damage in a building or home are freezing temperatures and leaking water. These two environmental conditions are of course linked as freezing temperatures can result in leaking water due to burst pipes. The other major event which can cause serious problems is a power failure, power failures tend to occur during extreme environmental events which can also cause flooding etc.

Trying to choose a Freeze Alarm can be an overwhelming task, Absolute Automation has attempted to make this easier for you with our helpful Online Assistant.