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DA051 - Mier Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor

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    Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor - Description

    The Mier DA-500 Driveway Alerting Vehicle Sensor is a magnetic driveway sensor which will detect moving vehicles. The best part about this device is that it won't send you any false alarms since the magnetic probe will only detect large metal objects. When something is detected, this device sends a signal to the DA500 control box to notify you about a vehicle in your driveway. Sensitivity on this sensor can also be adjusted within the Mier control panel.

    Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor - Specifications

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    Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor - Included

    • 1 - Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor with choice of wire length

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    PW O'Neill

    Works with Winland receivers

    Winland no longer makes driveway sensors. When my sensor went out after 16 years, I thought I'd have to replace the whole system. However, I spliced in the Mier sensor and it works great with the Winland receiver. The Absolute Automation people were great to work with and the sensor shipped out immediately. Great price too! It was the only sensor I found where you can get a 10' wire - most products you had to buy at least 100' of wire, adding greatly to the cost.
    james l.


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