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Caring for the elderly, ill or disabled, while rewarding - can also be stressful at times. Many customers in the caregiving profession have asked us, "What product will work for us?". Whether it is for a full facility, live-in caretakers or even for the still independent elderly we have listed our most popular systems below.

Looking for a door alarm to alert you if the door has been opened?

doors alarm

The Optex RCTC-Kit features a door switch with an attached wireless transmitter. When the door is opened the transmitter instantly sends a wireless signal up to 700' to the included chime receiver. Perfect for monitoring for sleepwalking at night. Simply plug the chime in your bedroom and should the monitored door (or doors) be opened you will be awoken with a pleasant chime tone to alert you someone is on the move.

Alzheimers Door Alarm

Need a button for your patient to press which alerts you they are in need?

alert button pager

Having a way for your patient to contact you should an emergency arise or even just to call for any request is important for many caregivers in both large facilities and even for individual live-in caretakers. This system allows you leave a push button with each individual and when they press the button the included pager will chime, or vibrate, or both instantly alerting you that care is required.

Caregiver Push Button

Do you have an elderly family member living on their own you are concerned about?

stove guard alarm

The CookStop is an automatic shutoff for electric or gas stoves. Perfect for elderly people staying at home the Stove Guard will automatically shut the stove off if it detects that it has been unattended for a user programmable amount of time.

Stove Guard