greenhouse alarms

Greenhouses are not only worth a lot of money, they are also the livelihood of many people - including those who own them and those who work in them. Protect and monitor your valuable investments easily with our recommendations for temperature and power monitoring, entry alerts, and crop monitoring specifically for greenhouse owners. Use these different greenhouse alarms for all aspects of your business! A greenhouse alarm can alert you to visitors or customers arriving, temperature or humidity extremes or even water leaks!

The most popular greenhouse temperature, humidity and more alarm dialer!

greenhouse alarm system

The Sensaphone 1400 is a robust four zone alarm dialer. Perfect for small-scale greenhouses with temperature, humidity, and even security monitoring needs. The FGD1400 has four separate alarm inputs allowing for the monitoring of up to four different sensors, plus monitoring for power outages wherever the alarm unit is plugged in. The Sensaphone 1400 also comes in a robust NEMA4X casing allowing it to be installed directly into greenhouse environments which are wet with humidity.

Greenhouse Alarm Dialer

Have a row of greenhouses you want monitored without running wires everywhere?

wireless greenhouse temperature alarm

The Sensaphone WSG-30 is a wireless greenhouse alarm and monitoring system. The main alarm unit (WSG-30) is capable of monitoring up to 30 wireless sensors. With temperature sensors, humidity sensors and other types of environmental sensors available the WSG-30 can monitor all of the critical conditions typically required of greenhouse operations. The sensor each have a wireless transmission range of 300 feet but on top of that act as wireless repeaters for the other sensors wireless signals. This is perfect for rows of greenhouses. As long as each greenhouse is within the 300-foot range of another greenhouse the sensors will pick up and transmit the signals back to the WSG-30 alarm dialer.

Greenhouse Temperature Alarm

Have a small greenhouse near your home you would like to monitor for temperature extremes?

greenhouse temperature alert

The wireless temperature alert is great for small scale or even hobby greenhouse operations. The mechanical temperature sensor allows you to set both high and low-temperature thresholds. When the temperature hits either threshold a wireless signal is sent up to 3000 feet back to your home or office where the included chime is plugged in. It will sound a tone alerting you to the problem in your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Wireless Temperature Alert

Have a Garden Center? Looking for an entrance alarm? Maybe one with a portable receiver that lets you move around?

dakota pr-2500

The Dakota Alert Pager 2500 is a portable pager style receiver for your driveway or entrance alarm. The Pager 2500 will work with any of the Dakota Alert 3000 or 2500 systems. When being used with a 2500 transmitter the PR-2500 Pager can receive an alert signal up to 2500 feet away from the transmitter! Perfect for allowing you to move around the property and still be notified of customers or deliveries.

Want a system that sends you text messages when customers arrive?
Check out our CARSPOT!

Greenhouse Driveway Alarm