Basement Flooding

Basement floods are all too common. Often a failed sump pump is to blame. To many homes rely on a sump pump system to keep their homes dry, and during major storm events when the power is knocked out an unoccupied (or even occupied) home can quickly have its' entire basement destroyed due to flooding. Use any of the below Sump Pump Alarm products to protect your basement from costly damage and time-consuming insurance claims!

Prevent a flooded basement! Have peace of mind with a Sump Pump WiFi Alarm System.

sump pump alarm

The SumpSpot is a WiFi Sump Pump alarm system designed to monitor for higher than allowed water levels within your Sump Pump pit. Use either the included water leak sensor to detect water or install the optional float switch and monitor your pit that way. Either way, you will receive emails and/or text messages if and when rising water passes your alarm point!

Sump Pump Alarm