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Dakota Alert 2500 Driveway Alarm
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BBA2500 - Dakota Alert Break Beam System 2500

  • Description

    Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Beam Monitoring and Alert System

    Simple to install and requiring absolutely no wiring at all, the Dakota Alert BBT-2500 is a solar powered wireless infrared break beam (photo beam) sensor designed to warn you of incoming visitors! Designed to avoid detection of small objects such as falling leaves or birds, the break beam sensor is a point to point sensor and will not be activated by any motion outside of the monitored beams. The sensors are powered by lithium ion batteries being recharged through the solar panels during the day for 24/7 security.

    Easily mounted, the sensors can be placed high enough to avoid detection of dogs or other small animals, plus they use 'dual' break beam technology. This means that both beams need to be broken simultaneously for an alarm signal to be sent, reducing false alarms.

    When the beams are broken, the BBA2500 transmitter sends a wireless signal up to 2500 feet* to the included wireless receiver.  The receiver plugs in to a wall outlet and will play your choice from four different alert tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding-Dong, Whistle).  At the same time, an indicator LED will light up on the receiver. 

    The Dakota 2500 system is totally expandable.  Up to four different zones, each with its own alert tone may be set up with unlimited transmitters per zone.  You can add additional

    Intending to set up a larger perimeter to monitor? Add more BBT2500 sensor pairs can be used in the same system and each beam can be spread up to 300 feet apart.  You can also add any other Dakota Alert 2500 transmitters.

    The DCR-2500 receiver has four form “C” relay outputs and one 12 VDC output, adjustable to trigger for up to 10 minutes. These outputs can be used to connect to external chimes, sirens, strobes, alarms or other systems.

    Need to install this system in an area without enough sunlight? Each sensor unit features a power port on the back of it where a power supply can be plugged in. Simply select the 'Power Supply' option on checkout and power adapters  that can be used to power the bream beams (require 110 outlets) will be added to your package.

    Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Beam System - Specifications

    BBT-2500 Sensor Specifications

    • Transmitter Size - 13.25”x3.25”x2”
    • Wireless Frequency - 434 MHz
    • Wireless Range (From sensors back to chime receiver) - up too 2500 feet
    • Power Type (included) - Solar/Lithium Ion Rechargeable
    • Detection Type - Infrared Break Beam
    • Detection Range - 300 feet
    • Operating Temp. - (-)30F to 120F

    DCR-2500 Chime Specifications

    • Size 6”x 3.5”x 1.5”
    • Wireless Frequency - 434 MHz
    • Zones 4
    • Code Combinations 256
    • Power Supply 12VDC transformer
    • Relay outputs 4 form C
    • Voltage output 12 VDC 400 mA maximum

    Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Beam System - Included

    • 1 - DKBBT2500 Beam Transmitter and Receiver
    • Rechargeable Batteries
    • 1 - DKCR2500 Chime
    • 1 - Power Adapter for DKDCR2500 Chime

    Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Beam System - Support and Downloads

  • Reviews


    Mary W


    Super easy to install, working great very happy with this item will recommend highly, Nathan at Absolute Automation was very helpful

    works great

    Fairly east to install. I streched a long extension cord out into the yard where I could hear the receiver go off and in about 10 minutes I had it working great
    Christopher L

    Works EVERY time!

    It was a little harder than I had hoped to install, but I have had it now for 2 weeks and not had 1 false alarm. It picks up cars and people sprinting through it EVERY time.
    Theresa C.

    This system is all I expected

    I have a business on the same property as my house. I need to know if someone pulls into the driveway. This system is all I expected, covering not only the driveway but the whole front of my property.
    Theresa C


    I have a business on the same property as my house. I need to know if someone pulls into the driveway. This system is all I expected, covering not only the driveway but the whole front of my property.
    Thomas P.

    Great Product

    We needed the gate alarm, because our gate is a 1/4 mile away and we can not see it thru the woods. Installed the sensor 4 weeks ago high enough to catch pedestrians and cars, but not small animals like dogs. The only fail alarm we get is when the sun is directly on the sensor. But now we know if somebody is coming up our driveway early enough.
    Lee P


    Works just as expected, would definitely recommend

    product works as expected.

    seller was prompt with delivery of item.

    Great product that does what it says it will do

    I bought this unit because the motion detection units I had previously would go off every time the sun moved in and out of the clouds. So far I've had no false alarms and it's working exactly as expected.

    Just Installed Today

    Just installed today and it has rained most of the day but so far it has worked good.
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    Current Stock:
    SKU: BBA2500
    Width: 15.50
    Height: 13.50
    Depth: 4.00
    Wired or Wireless: Wireless
    Sensor Type: Infrared Dual Break Beam
    Wireless Range: 2500 Feet
    Relay Output: 4 Form C Relays, 1 12V Output
    Special: Solar Powered