Dakota MURS Alert Long Range PIR Motion Sensor and Base Station Kit




Dakota MURS MURSBSKIT Alert Long Range Infrared Motion Sensor and Base Station

Looking to monitor activity on a large property? The Dakota MURS alert kit is perfect for homeowners, security guards, small businesses, greenhouse operations, farmers or  hunters intending to watch game trails.

The Dakota MURS alert motion sensor mounts to a post or tree, and detects moving people, vehicles and large animals at the monitored location. It then transmits a wireless signal to the base station located up to several miles away* in your house, shop, garage or other building. When triggered, the base plays an English voice message to indicate 'Alert Zone One', 'Alert Zone Two', etc. Additional Dakota MURS sensors may be added and up to four individual zones may be monitored.

The included MURS Base station transceiver has an on board normally open relay capable of handling up to 5A at 28VDC, allowing closure for several seconds when received. This output can be used to trigger a bell, siren, security system, SWITCHSPOT WiFi adapter, or other system.

Add an additional Dakota M538BS base transceiver or M538-HT portable transceiver to be alerted in more than one location.

In additional to providing a driveway alert, the base station and portable transceivers also work as a long range two-way voice communication intercom system!

MAT Infrared Sensor Transmitter

  • Powered by 6 AA Batteries
  • Battery Life - Approximately 6 Months
  • Wireless Range - Up to 4 Miles*
  • Frequency - 151.820 MHz - 154.600 MHz (Depending on Channel Chosen)
  • Transmitting Power - 1.1 Watts

M538BS Base Station Transceiver

  • Power Supply - 12V Adapter (Included)
  • Base Station is equipped with an earphone jack for headsets
  • Volume Control
  • One Normally Open Relay - 5A @ 28VDC Capacity
  • Up to 4 Miles Wireless Transmitting Range*
  • Frequency - 151.820 MHz - 154.600 MHz (Depending on Channel Chosen)

Murs Alert Long Range Infrared Sensor and Base Station Includes

  • 1 x MAT MURS Alert Infrared Sensor Transmitter
  • 1 x M538BS MURS Alert Base Station Transceiver
  • 1 x 12V Power Supply for Base station


* Wireless range based on clear line of sight, without interference. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and interference.


Murs Alert Long Range Infrared Sensor and Base Station Downloads

Murs Base Station Manual
Murs Infrared Sensor Manual
Murs Alert Voice Alert Sound (Zone 1)

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