FloLogic FLS0035-2.0-PLUS 2-Inch Leak Detector & Auto Water Shutoff System with CONNECT Kit

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FLoLogic FLS0035-2.0-PLUS Water Shut-Off System with 2 inch valve and Connect Kit

FloLogic's flow-based water leak detection combined with a Connect module* allows for app-based control, alerts, and adjustments from any location.

The FloLogic water shutoff system is a unique water protection system that detects water flowing instead of relying on spot sensors.  This EverWatch™ system can detect virtually all leaks, from small, slow-flowing pinholes to high-volume disasters.   When a leak is detected the valve automatically shuts off the water supply to protect your entire home.

Flooding is one of the most common causes of property damage and can be stressful as well as costly.  It impacts 1 in 12 homes every year.  Unfortunately, spot water sensors may not be located where a leak happens.  Instead, Flologic monitors the flow of water through pipes so it "sees everything".

Flologic has two settings, 'home' and 'away' with programmable settings to allow water to flow longer during home mode, and shorter during away mode.  Should either mode be violated, the system will shut-off the flow of water and notify you through the app on your smartphone.

FloLogic can be connected to a security or smart home automation system.  It can also connect to an irrigation system or water softener to temporarily override the shut-off to allow those systems to function normally if they are installed after the valve.  It's also possible to expand the system with an external relay (sold separately) to control other devices including 120V and 240V devices.

What if the power fails?  FloLogic comes with a rechargeable battery that automatically charges when power is available and then instantly provides back-up power automatically when power fails.

The FloLogic valve is a full port, lead-free brass ball valve with a stainless steel ball and U.S. made cast bronze.

Ask your insurance company if installing FloLogic qualifies you for a discount (it usually does!).   In fact some insurance companies are now requiring flow based water shut off systems.

*The FloLogic System will currently ship in two separate orders. Connect Gateway modules are currently estimated to be available June 2024 and will ship once in stock.

FloLogic 3.5 Valve Shutoff with Flow Meter Specifications:

  • Capable of detecting water flow at 1/2 ounce (1 tablespoon, 15 ml) per minute
  • Compatible with all domestic water pipe systems
  • Can be installed in any orientation in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Integrated manual override
  • Includes Flologic Connect module
  • App iOS and Android compatible
  • When AC power is interrupted, System Battery provides power
  • When AC power is restored, the Power Supply will recharge the System Battery
  • Control Panel has backlit LCD display and soft-touch silicone keypad
  • Less than 2 PSI pressure drop at 30 GPM. Less than 5 PSI pressure drop at 50 GPM
  • Maximum designed working pressure is 100 PSI
  • Full-port, lead-free, cast bronze construction with stainless steel ball
  • Valve physical attributes: 12" long x 4 3/4" deep x 9 1/2" high; 11.5 lbs
  • Equipped with 2" threaded union fittings on both ends of the valve
  • Included Communication Cable provides for 50 feet between Valve and Control Panel. Longer cables are available if needed
  • UL-listed Class II power supply
  • Five-year warranty (see details)

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