Optex WFX-360DS Wireless Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor, DSC Compatible

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Optex WFX-360DS Wireless Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor

The Optex WFX-360DS wireless ceiling mount motion sensor comes with a built-in transmitter for DSC wireless systems and has a 40ft diameter range. The sensor has a highly durable spherical lens that provides 360° detection and protects against false alarms. It's extremely cost-effective, sleek and compact design suits all types of installation applications. False alarm technologies such as RFI Protection, Noise Reduction Circuit, computerized S.M.D., Temperature Compensations and Selectable Pulse Count for Sensitivity Adjustment all come as standard with this motion sensor, giving it a high level of reliability.

The unit is meant for ceiling mounting and is battery powered. Battery life can last anywhere from 3 to 7 years depending on the frequency of use. It also features a status LED that can be manually turned on and off. Excellent for applications in retail settings, businesses, schools, hospitals, industrial and residential areas.

Optex WFX-360DS Wireless Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor for DSC Specifications

  • OPTEX engineered Hard Spherical Lens
  • False alarm protection
  • RFI protection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Noise reduction circuit
  • Selectable pulse count for sensitivity adjustments
  • Advanced quality control with computerized S.M.D. Technology using robotics
  • Battery life: 3 years (720 events per day) to 7 years (240 events per day)
  • LED On/Off switch
  • Includes Built-In Transmitter for DSC 433 MHz Wireless Systems

Optex WFX-360DS Wireless Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor for DSC Support

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