Sensaphone IMS1002 Data Center Remote Monitoring and Alarms

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Sensaphone IMS1002 Data Center Remote Monitoring Data Logging and Alarms

The Sensaphone IMS1000 is now the IMS1002. The IMS1002 is a rack mount system that allows you to monitor the health of computer rooms, data centers, medical and cold storage facilities. The IMS1000 supports a number of environmental and security sensors that connect via simple RJ45 plug, plus it can monitor the status of IP connected equipment. Sensor data and IP equipment health is logged on board for later review.

If one of the sensors goes out of range or there's a problem with monitored equipment or a power failure, the IMS1000 can send an alarm message by telephone, email or text. Plus it has a built in relay output that can be connected to another system, or to flash a strobe or sound a siren.

The ISM1000 has a built-in web server that is accessed by web browser. You'll be able to access live status, sensor and data history, as well as to make programming changes through an intuitive interface.

Capable of monitoring up to eight (8) sensors per IMS unit, you'll be able to monitor a variety of environmental conditions. The ISM1000 has a built in power failure sensor and on board battery backup allowing it to function and send alarms for up to 2 hours after mains power fails.

IMS1000 available sensors include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • External power
  • Current
  • Water Leak
  • Dry Contact
  • 4-20mA analog

The dry contact input allows monitoring of security door sensors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, motion sensors, tamper switches and more!

Sensors are easily connected via standard CAT5E/CAT6 with RJ45 connectors. Sensors are automatically detected and configured by the IMS-1000. Following configuration, this device will instinctively detect faults within your sensors.

The system has redundant reporting. It can send alarm notifications by email or text messages, as well as custom voice alarm calls.

With this voice feature, you will also be able to access system status by voice prompts.

The Sensaphone 1000 series is now the IMS1002

Sensaphone IMS1002 Environmental Sensor and IP Equipment Monitor Specifications

  • Built-In Power Failure sensor
  • Built in micrphone to detect loud sounds / alarms
  • Built in battery backup
  • Inputs: Up to 8 IMS Sensors
  • Outputs: One Relay Output
  • Notification: Via; Email, SNMP Trap, voice phone call, fax, text message, numeric pager
  • Special Features: Live web server, rack mount, expandable, ethernet with phone backup, IP Monitoring

Sensaphone IMS-1002 Environmental and IP Monitor Includes

  • 1 - Sensaphone IMS-1002 Device

Sensaphone IMS-1002 Environmental and IP Monitor Support

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