Shelly Motion 2 WiFi Motion Sensor with Temperature and Lux Sensor




The Shelly Motion2 is a compact next-gen WiFi motion sensor with built-in light and temperature detection. Motion 2 can be used to detect motion or presence to control lights, heating, or other devices in your Shelly network or by combining it with an automation system.

Use the motion sensor for alerts or combine it with other Shelly devices in scenes to automatically turn on lights, open blinds, or adjust the heat.

An impressive motion detection range of up to 9 meters / 27 feet, 120-degree coverage and 256 levels of sensitivity help fine-tune the performance of your application.  The motion sensor also has built-in tamper protection so it can notify you if it is moved from its mount.

Shelly Motion V2 comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that last up to a year during normal use thanks to its energy-conserving design.  The batteries can be recharged or the devices can be optionally powered, using a USB cable and charger (not included).

Additional Device Information 

Shelly Motion 2

  • Compact WiFi motion sensor with built-in light sensing and temperature sensing
  • Powered by included rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries last up to one year during normal use, or longer when on standby
  • Up to 20 schedules
  • MQTTT support
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ
  • USB C port for charging or power.  Cable and charger/adapter NOT included.
  • Operating temp -10C to 50C - indoor use
  • Dimensions 89.3x41.4x22.9 mm / 3.52x1.63x0.90 inch (without stand), 89.3x41.4x47.9 mm / 3.52x1.63x1.89 inch (with stand)

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