Shelly TRV WiFi Thermostatic Radiator Valve




The Shelly TRV WiFi Thermostatic Radiator Valve replaces your old thermostatic valve and allows control of your radiator heat using the Shelly app or compatible integrations. Finally, a way to make these heaters smart.  TRV provides temperature control from 5 to 30 degrees Celcius.
TRV has a built-in LED display and touch-sensitive buttons for local control.  
The built-in 6500mAH battery lasts up to 2 years on a charge depending on usage, based on a 5-month heating season.  The built-in USB-C port can be used for charging in as little as 5 hours, or it can be used for full-time power.  Just add a USB-C charger & cable (not included).
Shelly TRV supports 5 profiles with 6 temperature settings in each.  When traveling away from home, switch to the "traveling" profile to save energy while no one's home.  
Use the free Shelly app for iOS or Android and the Shelly Cloud service to remotely control the TRV from virtually anywhere.
Add a Shelly DW2 door window sensor to automatically turn off the heat if a window or door is open for more than three minutes.
Use a Shelly Motion Sensor 2 to turn the heat up when the room is occupied and down when it's not.

Additional Device Information


Shelly TRV

• WiFi-enabled thermostatic radiator valve
• Built-in LED display and touch buttons for local control
• Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery or USB-C port
• Charged by the built-in USB-C port
• AC charger not included - requires 5V >2A supply
• Supports Amazon and Google voice assistants through the Shelly Cloud
• Supports MQTT
• Supports REST API
• WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ
• Built-in web server
• Working temp 0C to 30C
• Setpoints 5C to 30C
• Dimensions 94x62x53 mm

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