Driveway Alarm Lamp Controller
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Control any device with your Driveway Alarm

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    Driveway Alarm Activated Lamp or Appliance - Description

    The DX245056 is a driveway alarm accessory allowing users to have any appliance, lamp etc. be turned on when a driveway alarm is activated. Simply connect the controller to the NO output on your driveway alarm receiver, than plug the appliance module in wherever you would like your lamp or appliance to be activated. Perfect for having lamps etc. turn on when you arrive home at night, or to deter unwanted visitors when no one is home.

    Driveway Alarm Activated Lamp or Appliance - Specifications

    Accessory Controller

    • I/O Terminals: 5V (10mA), GND, Sense, N/C, N/O, Common (28-16 gauge wire)
    • Input jack: 1/8" mini jack input (GND, Sense)
    • Input Type: Contact closure only

    Appliance Module

    • Has one "Pass through" plug that is always hot
    • Has a second plug which is triggered 'On' and 'Off' by receiving commands from the accessory controller

    Driveway Alarm Activated Lamp or Appliance - Included

    • 1 x Appliance Module
    • 1 x Accessory Controller
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