CookStop CSA4WSIRF 4 Wire Smart Socket Kit

CookStop CSA4WSIRF 4 Wire Smart Socket Kit

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    CookStop CSA4WSIRF 4 Wire Smart Socket Kit

    The Smart Socket kit can be installed in places like student housing or supportive housing environments to discourage tampering or attempts to bypass CookStop control functions. It’s designed to replace a standard 4-wire socket that’s found usually behind stoves in buildings built after 1994.

    The CookStop will guard your stove or range to help prevent these accidents. The included motion sensor detects motion in the kitchen area than starts a countdown timer automatically. You select the amount of time which must pass before the kitchen is deemed to be "empty", and when the timer hits this time, the stove is automatically shut off. Thus preventing smoke and fire damage caused by forgotten and unattended stoves and ranges!

    Who needs a CookStop?

    • Anyone who can be distracted while cooking.
    • "Aging at Home" Seniors living independently.
    • People with home offices who get called away from the kitchen while cooking.
    • Parents with young children.
    • Families with teenagers cooking after school unsupervised.

    CookStop 4 Wire Smart Socket Kit Includes

    • 1 Monitoring Controller (SCU)
    • 1 Stove Smart Socket (SS) *North American use only
    • 1 10' SCU-To-SS Communication Cable
    • Documentation

    *Installation by a qualified electrician is recommended

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