STI-3353 Wireless Chime Receiver
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STI-3353 Wireless Chime Receiver

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    Safety Technology International STI-3353 Wireless Door Receiver

    The STI-3360 wireless door receiver will alert you, your family or staff, to visitors entering your home, store, shop or small business when used with any STI transmitter.  The chime box simply plugs in to an available wall outlet.  Set-up takes only a couple of minutes.

    For use in security applications instead of a chime, a buzzer or even barking dog sound can be played instead.

    STI-3360 Wireless Door Receiver Features

    • Up to 10 Transmitters can be used
    • Chime box plugs in to wall outlet
    • Wireless range up to 500' from transmitter (direct line of sight) * Distance will be reduced when walls or structures are between transmitter and chime receiver

    10 Selectable Sounds:

    • Ding
    • Dong
    • Ding-Dong
    • Westminster 4 note
    • Westminster 8 note
    • Knock Knock
    • Jingle Bells
    • Barking Dogs
    • Bicycle Bell
    • Buzzer

    STI-3360 Wireless Door Receiver Specifications

    • Frequency: 433 MHz
    • 500' range *

     STI-3360 Wireless Door Receiver Includes

    • 1 x STI-3353 Chime receiver
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