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DA066 - Mier Remote Transmitter for Wireless Chime

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    Mier DA-066 Remote Transmitter - Specifications

    This transmitter is capable of being triggered by both the push of a button or by using the 24V output from any of the Mier driveway alarm control panels. This device comes with its own battery built-in and is also capable of sending wireless signals to both the DA-068 and DA-070 Mier chimes. This is a great device to expand your alarm system as you can now easily place multiple wireless chimes throughout your home!

    NOTE: This item has been replaced by the DA066MP available on our website here.

    Mier DA-066MP Remote Transmitter - Specifications

    • Input - 12V-24V input will trigger transmission
    • Operating Voltage - 12V
    • Range - 100 Feet

    Mier DA-066 Remote Transmitter - Support

    Mier DA-066 Remote Transmitter - Included

    • 1 - Mier DA-066 Chime Transmitter
    • 1 - Built-in 12V Battery
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    Excellent addition to our DA-500 system

    The remote transmitter for the wireless chimes is a great add-on to our newly installed DA-500. It has a push button which can be used to test reception of wireless devices. We have ours installed in the detached garage and all of the sensors in the house work fine. Pros: Easy to install with just two wires that use the relay on the DA-500. Easy to test remotes with push button or by touching the wires together during install. Good wireless range: remote is in detached garage and works on all parts of the house. Cons: You cannot use the DA-066 and have the internal buzzer (not really a con for use but useful information). This is resolved with the use of a DA-500LKA relay. Unit is battery powered instead of using power from the alarm system, not really a problem but adds unneeded maintenance in my opinion. Conclusion: If you are looking for a hard wired system for dependability that includes wireless remote chimes / additions this is a must have add-on to the system. Very pleased with its performance and range.

    Works Great!

    The Mier products work great. We have a long driveway and their system really works as advertised. Absolute Automation also delivers what's promised.
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