Indoor Infrared Sensor - IR-2500
Dakota Alert 2500 Driveway Alarm
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Dakota Alert IR2500 Indoor Motion Sensor

  • Description

    Dakota Alert 2500 Series IR2500 Indoor Motion Sensor

    The IR-2500 is a passive infrared detector capable of monitoring an area up to 100° wide. With the integral mask, the detection area can be narrowed down to 20° or anywhere in between. With the swivel mount, the IR-2500 sensor can be adjusted right to left up to 80° and up and down up to 50°. With three different sensitivity settings, the IR-2500 can detect a person up to 12 feet, 25 feet or 40 feet away. The IR-2500 is powered by one 9 volt battery (not included) and is designed for indoor or light duty outdoor applications under an eave or other protected location and will send a wireless signal up to a ½ mile* back to the DCR-2500 receiver.

    *Actual range will depend on the local terrain.

    The Dakota 2500 series is not compatible with the new 4000 series

    IR-2500 Dakota Alert Indoor Motion Sensor - Specifications

    • Size: 3/75" x 2.75' x 2.5"
    • Frequency: 434 MHz
    • 256 Code Combinations
    • Battery required: 9-volt alkaline(not included)
    • Wireless Range: 2500'*
    • Detection Range: 12', 25' or 40'
    • Detection Angle: 20 to 100 degrees
    • Swivel Angel: 80 degrees right to left, 50 degrees up and down

    IR-2500 Dakota Alert Indoor Motion Sensor - Included

    • 1 - IR-2500 Indoor Motion Sensor

    IR-2500 Dakota Alert Indoor Motion Sensor - Support

  • Reviews


    works as intended

    I bought 2 receivers and 4 motion sensors. Even though the motion sensors indicate INDOOR I use them outdoors under porches/eves. I called the company and they indicated it was ok. I selected this model because it is white and not gray like the outdoor models. The two receivers are needed and both placed in different bedrooms. The description could be improved. It only has 4 alert sounds. One is like a whistle which I selected for the carport. The others are melody or a ding dong sound. You should look at the documentation to see how to see what the sounds are and how to select the sounds. It works as intended but it does pickup small animals like a cat. But the sensors come with shields that can be configured to limit the sensor view. I have not done this yet but will if that cat continues to come around. I own the wireless doorbell from Dakota and initially thought the motion sensors/receiver would work similar to that - meaning it would have numerous sound selections available on the receiver for each sensor for each zone and the receiver would control the sound for each sensor. The sensor controls the zone and sound.

    Excellent unit

    My first unit was defective and was replaced immediately. I am using it to cover a carport in conjunction with a driveway alert and the combination works great. Each sensor is on a different chime so I know where I am getting an alarm. Have not received any false alarms.
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