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Dakota Alert

Dakota Alert Self Contained Security Camera with DVR

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  • Description

    Self-Contained Security Camera with DVR

    This new self-contained security camera has a built-in infrared motion sensor and flash. When the motion sensor detects movement it automatically triggers the security camera and DVR to begin filming and recording security footage. Each motion event will trigger 30 seconds of recording both audio and video. This all in one security camera has a built-in Lithium battery which will power the camera for up to 7-10 days!

    The camera also has a built-in flash which allows it to record in even very low light conditions. The built-in microphone can record coherent audio from up to 10 meters away.

    You can easily archive and view your security footage by using the included USB cable to extract it from the DVR or by removing the included 4GB Micro SD Card.

    Self-Contained Security Camera with DVR - Specifications

    • Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery
    • Infrared flash for recording in low light conditions
    • Built in Infrared Motion Sensor to trigger recording event
    • Each motion trigger starts a 30-second recording event
    • USB port and Micro SD Card for data retrieval
    • Unit recharges via USB cord

    Self-Contained Security Camera with DVR - Included

    • 1 - DVR-01
    • 1 - Base
    • 1 - USB Cable
    • 1 - 4GB Micro SD Card
    • 1 - Built-in Lithium Battery
    • 1 - Charger Plug

    Self-Contained Security Camera with DVR - Support and Downloads

  • Reviews



    Good Camera for the price

    Records video and audio well. Not bad in low light situation.

    Better than expected

    For the price this is great, good clear video and easy to use.
    Erick T


    This is a great small compact self contained camera system. My only complaint would be that it is not concealable and noticeable to one that has time to look around. Great price.
    John Crouse


    works great

    great little camera

    This camera does a great job and is very nice and small.It does a pretty good job in well lite conditions but the pictures are a little grainy. You still can identify the people in the video clear enough. Low light conditions have a much smaller field of view. I could not see anything more than 10-15 feet away. I like how it will ontinue to record over the older recordings so you have the most recent activity and not waste memory on the card. This does mean you would have to check the video more often if you want to keep everything. I don't I wish there was a mount so you could attach it to a wall or something. It has a threaded hole in the back to do so, but no adapter is mentioned

    Easy to use

    I bought this camera to monitor my dorm room while I was away. It's super easy to use and all I have to do is put the SD card into my computer to check it :)

    inexpensive camera

    this is an inexpensive camera which is ideal for limited video recording.
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    One Year