Dakota MURS Alert MAT Infrared Motion Driveway Alarm Sensor Dakota MURS Alert MAT Infrared Motion Driveway Alarm Sensor Dakota MURS Alert MAT Infrared Motion Driveway Alarm Sensor
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Dakota MURS Alert MAT Infrared Motion Driveway Alarm Sensor

  • Description

    Dakota MURS MAT Infrared Motion Sensor

    The MURS Alert Infrared Sensor is the perfect device for keeping your eye on remote locations at farms, cottages, homes or businesses.  Through the use of advanced passive infrared motion sensing technology, it can detect movement up to 80 feet in front of it and will immediately send an alert signal to the MURS base station transceiver or portable transceiver in order to notify you that someone or something has entered a monitored area. Through the use of its passive infrared detector, the device can be used to watch for humans, animals and vehicles at remote locations of your choosing. Never be surprised again with the MURS Alert Infrared Sensor!

    * This is the add-on motion sensor and transmitter only.  Receiver is not included

    MURS MAT Infrared Sensor Specifications

    • Power: Operates on 6 AA Batteries
    • Battery Life: Approximately 6 Months
    • Wireless Range: Up to 4 Miles
    • Frequency: 151.820 MHz - 154.600 MHz (Depending on Channel Chosen)
    • Transmitting Power: 1.1 Watts

    MURS MAT Infrared Sensor Includes

    • 1 x Murs MAT Infrared Sensor/Transmitter

    MURS MAT Infrared Sensor Support

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    Allan Conner

    Great Sensor

    My first purchase of two MURS sensors and hand held transmitter and reciever are just about 5 days old. Been working great but on this sixth day I discovered a problem with one of my sensors. It stoped detecting! I checked the batteries and replaced anyway and all connections and settings inside and the antenna connection, all good but still not working. I called Dakota tech support number supplied in the manual. I explained my problems and their shipping me a new unit tomorrow and a return authorization number for the defective sensor to send back. Since I just purchased these I asked would they just swap it out for a new one instead of repairing mine. They said sure that way I wouldn't have to wait long and be unprotected at my property. That was a big relief!! I'm ok with that, I know sometimes you get some products that fail. But time will tell on everything else. If I can just stop one time of someone breaking into my property it will all be worth it.
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