Dakota DCHT4000 rubber hose detector with wireless transmitter
Dakota Alert

Dakota Alert DCHT4000 Additional Rubber Hose Sensor with Wireless Transmitter

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    DCHT4000 Dakota Alert Rubber Hose Sensor with Wireless Transmitter

    Expand your Dakota 4000 series driveway alarm or alert system by adding the DCHT4000 rubber hose sensor with wireless transmitter.  Place the included 25 foot rubber hose where you expect to detect vehicles.

    The rubber hose connects to the wireless transmitter which can be mounted on a wall, pole or tree.  This extra sensor with transmitter can be used to cover an extra driveway, entrance area, drive thru or service station.

    The Dakota 4000 series receivers will flash an LED indicator and play your choice of 12 notification tunes/tones when triggered.

    Up to 16 different sensors (transmitters) can be paired with the Dakota 4000 series receivers.

    Note:  The DCHT4000 replaces the DCHT2500 but 2500 and 4000 series parts are not compatible with each other.

    This is an expansion sensor and requires a DCR4000 or RE-4K-PLUS receiver.


    Dakota DCHT4000 Rubber Hose Sensor with Wireless Transmitter Features

    • Rubber hose detects vehicles that drive over it
    • Rubber hose is 25 feet long
    • Probe transmitter powered by a 9V battery (not included)
    • Up to 1 mile or 5280 foot wireless range* to Dakota 4000 receiver
    • Battery life up to 6-12 months depending on weather and activity

    * Note:  Wireless range is maximum, line of sight, without interference. Obstructions, hilly terrain and interference will reduce range.

    Dakota Alert DCHT4000 Rubber Hose Sensor with Wireless Transmitter Support

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