Dakota DCMA2500 Wireless Driveway Alarm DCMA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Wireless Driveway Alarm System
Dakota Alert 2500 Driveway Alarm

DCMA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Wireless Driveway Alarm System

Replaced by DCMA4000
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  • Description

    Dakota 2500 Motion Sensor Wireless Driveway Alarm System * DISCONTINUED *

    With its passive infrared motion sensing technology, easy set up and expansion, and long range wireless operation, many reviewers have found this to be the best wireless driveway alarm. 


    Please note this product is replaced by the DCMA4000 or DCMA-4K-PLUS. Although the 4000 series has replaced the 2500 the units are not backwards compatible.


    The Dakota DCMA2500 will detect people and vehicles entering your driveway or property, sending a signal as far as 2500 feet* or one-half mile* away to the wireless receiver.  Operating on one (1) 9V battery the infra red driveway sensor has a detection range as far as 80 feet away! Whether it is your driveway or personal estate, the sensor’s long-range capabilities will send a signal to your chime receiver!

    This driveway security system includes a Dakota Alert DCR-2500 receiver. This receiver has four different chime sounds available (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, Whistle) and supports four different sensor zones with unlimited sensors per zone. It also has indicator LEDs for a visual indication of each zone.

    These zone reminder lights, paired with an audible beep, can be programmed to activate every 15 minutes following the initial alarm ensuring your attention is captured!

    You can expand the system by adding additional Dakota Alert 2500 transmitters and receivers.

    The receiver has a 12VDC output and four Form “C” relay outputs rated for 24VDC at 3Amps.  These outputs can be used to connect optional  sirens, strobes, alarms, lighting and other systems!  Please email or call if you need help configuring these extra options. 

    * Wireless range based on direct line of sight with no interference.  Actual range will vary based on terrain and interference present.


    Wireless Chime Receiver Specifications

    • Four Different Chimes Tones
    • Volume Control
    • LED Reminder Lights
    • Operating Voltage - 12VDC - Power Supply Included
    • 12 volt DC output current: 400 mA maximum
    • Relay rating: 24VDC at 3 Amp
    • Frequency - 433.92 MHz

    Driveway Sensor Specifications

    • Power Source - 1 9V Battery (not included)
    • Battery Life - 6 to 12 months
    • Frequency - 433.92 MHz
    • Sensor Type - Passive Infra Red
    • Operating Temperature Range - (-)30° F to 110° F
    • Wireless Range - 2500 Feet (1/2 Mile)*
    • Low Battery Warning

    *Line of Sight

    What's included

    • 1 - DCR-2500 Dakota Alert Wireless Receiver
    • 1 - 12V Power Supply for DCR-2500 Receiver
    • 1 - DCMT-2500 Dakota Alert Infrared Driveway Sensor and Wireless Transmitter

    Dakota Alert Driveway Chime Manual Dakota Half Mile Driveway Sensor Dakota Alert Driveway Sensor Manual Dakota Half Mile Driveway Chime

  • Reviews


    Blake Doriot

    The 2500 motion detector

    This driveway sensor works great has not missed a car a person or the only problem a deer. We have 20 to 30 deer every night that walk through the area. This is part my problem and I will be doing two things moving the sensor to a location on the drive where we seldom see deer. and purchasing the burred magnetic locator at the end of the drive where the deer are So pick the location wisely and it is a great product
    Dennis Gilday

    Best monitor for the $$

    The setup of the monitor was simple and had it up and running within 15 min. I was concerned it would be ineffective due to a 400' winding drive and the fact my shed sits in front of the house but it had no issues whatsoever.
    Mary payne

    Greatest monitor ever

    I have a great hearing loss and this monitor is awesome. I had went out and bought a cheap one that never went off and took it back. As the Ole saying goes,you get what you pay for,and cheap it was. I found this one and I couldn't be happier. I now can hear someone when they enter my property. Thank you so much. Gonna check out the pager and may get it for when I am outside working a lot in the summer.

    Wouldn't be without it now!

    Simple installation if you read and follow the directions. Though I could have installed it much farther away, I chose to install the sensor along our driveway approximately 300' away from the receiver only because it was well hidden. So far it has been very dependably sounding off as vehicles approach or leave our home. My wife and I have discovered the added security that the receiver's advanced chime gives us. Before the Dakota Alert DCR-2500, we were often unaware of our guests', invited or uninvited, arrival until they had already rang our doorbell. My wife and I both very pleased and admit that we wouldn't be without it now.

    So far has met all my expectations

    After having a different model different brand of driveway sensor for the past three years it's was hard to find one that would cover the distance of my driveway along with the small hill. So far this sensor has exceeded all my expectations and I am a happy camper. Installation was simple and I highly recommend this product.

    1/2 mile range

    We live a half mile off the main road. Ordered the driveway alarm and it works great. I now can see who is coming down our drive before they get here. Also I set the chime to west mister and my dogs don't go nuts until the party arrives at the door.


    This my second Dakota alarm. They both worked great I have no complaints, does what it's made to do.

    Excellent but not 100%

    Would have gave 5 stars but It does not detect dark colored vehicles at night when it's sprinkling or raining out. I not sure the reason for this but other than that, no false alarms and detects 100 percent of vehicles the rest of the time.
    Dawn K.

    Happy with my choice

    Working just as I hoped and wanted, Great price and shipped fast. Easy to install. Recommend it.

    Pleased with this product

    We were looking for an alarm and happened to be at a family Thanksgiving and a sister-in-law shared about this product and we reviewed it and decided to order. It shipped immediately and within 2 days it was installed and running! Great product for the price! Would recommend it highly!!
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    Current Stock:
    UPC: 891179000416
    Wired or Wireless: Wireless
    Sensor Type: Infrared Motion Sensor
    Wireless Range: 2500 Feet
    Relay Output: 4 Form C Relays, 1 12V Output
    Special: Reminder LED's and audible beep
  • Warranty


    One Year