DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System
Dakota Alert 2500 Driveway Alarm

DCPA2500 - Dakota Alert 2500' Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System

Replaced by DCPA4000
  • Description

    Dakota Alert 2500 Probe Wireless Driveway Alarm System

    With the Dakota Alert 2500’ Series alarm system say goodbye to false alarms that may be caused by deer, birds or dogs! This probe sensor detects large moving metal objects such as cars and trucks.  The included driveway probe is placed or buried in or alongside the driveway and connects to the included wireless transmitter with the attached 50 foot wire.  The transmitter mounts on a tree or pole and when triggered, it sends a wireless signal up to 2500 feet or 1/2 mile* to the included Dakota 2500 receiver. The receiver plugs in to a wall outlet and plays your choice of tones when triggered.

    Four tones are available (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding-Dong, Whistle).   The receiver supports up to four different zones, each with its own tone and unlimited Dakota 2500 transmitters.

    The driveway probe sensor is capable of detecting vehicles within approximately 10 feet of the probe, and a sensitivity adjustment allows the range to be decreased if required. Operating on four (4) CR123A 3V batteries (included), the probe and transmitter will typically run for approximately 12 months, at which time a low battery warning is provided.

    The receiver has a built-in volume control and four (4) different chime tones.  It also has four form “C” relay outputs and one 12 VDC output. These outputs can be programmed to activate for 1 second, 10 seconds, 1 minute, or 10 minutes and can be used to connect to external strobes, sirens, chimes, alarms or other systems.  

    The built-in LED lights on the receiver can be programmed as reminders in case the original alarm was neglected. These reminder lights, paired with an audible beep, can be programmed to activate periodically after an alarm signal to ensure the visitor does not go unnoticed!


    * Wireless range based on direct line of sight without interference.


    Driveway Probe Sensor and Wireless Transmitter Specifications

    • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
    • 4 CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries (included)
    • Sensor Type - Metal Sensing Probe
    • Operating Temperature Range - -30° F to 110° F
    • Wireless Range - 2500 Feet (1/2 Mile)*
    • Low Battery Warning

    *Line of Sight

    Wireless Driveway Chime Receiver

    • Four Different Chimes Tones
    • Volume Control
    • LED Reminder Lights
    • Operating Voltage - 12VDC - Power Supply Included
    • 12 volt DC output current: 400 mA maximum
    • Relay rating: 24VDC at 3 Amp
    • Frequency - 433.92 MHz

    Duty Cycle Half Mile Wireless Probe Driveway Alarm System - Included

    • 1 - Dakota Alert DCR-2500 Wireless Receiver
    • 1 - 12V Power Supply
    • 1 - Vehicle Probe Sensor with 50' of wire attached
    • 4 CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries
    • 1 - Wireless Transmitter

    Duty Cycle Half Mile Wireless Probe Driveway Alarm System - Support and Downloads

  • Reviews



    Finally - a sensor that works!

    We have a long winding driveway and we can't see the entryway from the house. We had another driveway sensor installed with our alarm system,but even after several service calls and twice moving it closer to the house, defeating its purpose, it was still unreliable with missed vehicles and false alarms at all hours. I just installed the Dakota 2500 system and have to say that it's all we had hoped for. We got a second monitor for our garage where I spend most of my time. That's even further away and blocked from the sensor by the house and it is just as reliable. Installation was a snap. I'd suggest hooking the system up and selecting the alert sound before installing the system since the sound is set at the transmitter, not the receivers. The form C contact output is a real plus. I'm planning to attach a voice synthesizer to squawk "perimeter breach!" in the garage.
    H L Conway Jr

    5 Stars does not do it justice

    Installed this along with an additional receiver (DCR2500) in less than 5 minutes. Literally plug and play. The range from the transmitter to the furthest receiver is more than 2400 ft with obstacles. The only improvement I could suggest is to offer this item with a solar panel and rechargeable batteries for the transmitter. I would most definitely suggest this item to others wanting notice for vehicles entering their property. Discussing this and options with customer service is exceptional. This company rates above and beyond others I have dealt with. I will be looking for other items offered by Absolute Automation.
    Jack M.

    An Excellent Product & a Great Company to do Business With

    The Dakota Alert 2500 is the bomb. I've got a winding 1.000' gravel driveway. My house isn't visible through the trees until the last 300'. The Dakota signal wouldn't reach from the entrance (1,000 feet) to my house, but after I moved it in a bit (700 feet), it works perfect. ATV's, UTV's, cars and trucks - it gets them all. I did have to bury the probe in the center of my driveway (in a pvc pipe to protect the cord) to get the ATV's, but cars and trucks picked up easily from a driveway edge placement. I should have bought this thing years ago. Oh yea, I almost forgot. If you buy it from Absolute Automation, you can actually talk to someone who knows the products -if you need help installing something. Amazon - maybe not so much.

    Excellent driveway alarm

    I purchased this alarm for my parents would do not hear well. This alarm combined with a strobe is working great for them. The alarm is pretty loud but the light the icing on the cake. Great product and great service from absolute automation.
    Paul K.


    josh w

    Works awesome

    Works awesome, high quality product.

    Just Right!

    Just what I was looking for - one happy customer! It works perfectly to let me know when a vehicle has pulled in the entrance of my driveway. Great to have a little warning before someone is already at the front door or on the property working in the yard. It arrived in 2 days, was easy to set up (took maybe 15 minutes), and the ringtone is pleasant. I have an old house with think walls where a lot of wireless products don't work and this works perfectly. The only suggestion I would make is a minor improvement - It would be great if you also made a mailbox type option that can be connected to one of the zones. Mailbox is too close to the street to try to isolate the mail truck but it would be terrific to know when the mail has been delivered. I'm very happy with my purchase!
    Ryan W

    Alarm worked but...

    Alarm worked but signal could not reach my house 1200 feet away through some low hills and trees. So go for the next size up if you doubt the range of this unit.
    James D

    It works

    I found this product to be minimally acceptable. Only one out of the four zones worked consistently. I decided not to go thru the hassle of returning it because I just needed one zone for my application. Unfortunately the only zone that works has an annoying sounding audible alarm (whistle). The manual was not easy for me to understand even though I have an engineering degree.
    Brian W.

    Five stars

    Everything is exactly as advertised.
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    SKU: DCPA2500
    UPC: 891179000478
    Width: 13.00
    Height: 8.00
    Depth: 5.00
    Wired or Wireless: Wireless
    Sensor Type: Magnetic Probe
    Wireless Range: 2500 Feet
    Relay Output: 4 Form C Relays, 1 12V Output
    Special: Reminder LED's and audible beep
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    One Year
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