Wireless Driveway Alarm with Camera
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Driveway Alarm with Camera

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    Driveway Alarm with Camera and Intercom - Description

    Wireless Driveway with Camera and Intercom System

    The Optex iVision-2000 Plus comes complete with a driveway sensor, indoor chime, indoor receiver with video screen and chime which is used for intercom functions and for viewing the camera, and an outdoor doorbell/camera unit.

    This intercom and driveway alarm system combines the Optex TD20U wireless driveway sensor with the Optex IVPDH wireless camera and intercom system.

    How does this work?

    When a vehicle or person passes by the TD-20U eye a wireless signal is sent to the IVP-GU gateway unit which will sound a chime, it will then in turn also sound a chime on the IVP-HU handheld unit and turn on the camera on the IVP-DU camera/doorbell unit to instantly begin live streaming high quality video to the LCD screen on the IVP-HU handheld receiver. Perfect for use in store fronts etc. to allows employees to know when someone enters the store, and see who it is so they can respond accordingly.

    The Optex iVision+ is the new wireless video intercom system from Optex. Similar to the original Optex iVision the iVision+ features wireless digital voice and image transmission at ranges of up to 330ft. The iVision+ wireless intercom system includes the wireless doorbell/camera unit along with a wireless indoor handheld unit with built in 2.4" LCD monitor for viewing whoever is at the door.

    Notable Features

    • System is expandable - additional chimes, sensors and intercom units can be added
    • 2000 foot wireless range from sensor to Gateway unit indoors
    • Micro USB Port in Handheld Unit for downloading stored images
    • Adjustable Camera Angle
    • "Door Release" Built into Camera Unit (allows users to release door strike remotely)
    • The IVP-DU (Door Unit with Camera) HAS to be hardwired into power for this system to operate properly

    Driveway Alarm with Camera and Intercom - Specifications

    IVP-DU Door Unit Specifications

    • Adjustable Camera Angle
    • Battery Operated Capability (Avg. 1yr. battery life, 3x AA batteries not included)
    • Hardwired Capability (AC/DC, 10-24V)
    • Auto Day (Color) / Night (IR) Vision
    • Maximum two units to a system
    • Fluorescent Push Button
    • Splash Proof for rain and outdoor conditions

    IVP-HU Handheld Unit Specifications

    • 2.4 inch LCD Monitor
    • Wall Mountable Charging Cradle with rechargeable battery
    • Maximum four units to a system
    • micro-USB port PC connection allows user to view and download images (micro-USB cable not included)

    TD-20U Driveway Sensor Specifications

    • Sensing Type: Infra-red motion
    • Wireless Range (To Gateway Unit) - 2000 Feet
    • Power: 1 x 9V Battery (Not Included)
    • Battery Life: Approx. 1 Year with normal use

    IVP-GU Gateway Unit Specifications

    • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104 degrees F
    • Operating Humidity: <90 percent RH (no condensation)
    • Dust/Water Protection: N/A, for indoor use only
    • Radio wave Frequency: 2.4 GHz and 418MHz (with WSS2000 device)
    • Power: 5V power adapter or AC/DC 10-24V

    Driveway Alarm with Camera and Intercom - Included

    • 1 - IVP-DU Door Unit
    • 1 - Charging Cradle for IVP-HU
    • 1 - IVP-HU Handheld Unit with LCD Monitor
    • 1 - IVP-GU Gateway Unit
    • 1 - OPTD20U Driveway Sensor

    Driveway Alarm with Camera and Intercom - Support

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