Driveway Alarm with Text Alert Magnetic Probe
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Driveway Alarm with Text Alert

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    Driveway Alarm with Text Alert

    Stand Alone Driveway Alarm - Weatherproof, battery operated and cellular. Sends text messages, emails and voice phone call when activated.

    The first of its kind, the SPOTGUARD is a completely weatherproof and stand alone vehicle sensor. Battery operated and designed for use in remote, low traffic areas the monitor will send out text messages, emails and a voice phone call when the sensor detects a vehicle entering the monitored area. Completely battery powered with a battery life of 5-7 years there is absolutely nothing required at the monitored location, as long as there is cellular coverage.

    The first year of service is included in the purchase price, each additional year is $119.00.

    Driveway Alarm with Text Alert - Specifications

    • Sensor Type: Magnetic, no false alarms from animals, birds etc.
    • Sensor Power: 4 x 3V CR123A batteries (included)
    • Sensor Battery Life: 1-2 years (activity and climate dependent)
    • Cell Coverage Required: Verizon
    • Cell Battery Life: 5-7 years (non-replaceable)
    • Cell Plan Life Span: 4000 years
    • Annual or Monthly Fees for Cell Plan: First year is free, $119.00 per year after that.
    • Notification Types: Email, Text Message and Voice Phone Call. Message is customizable
    • Mobile App is available for android and iOS

    Driveway Alarm with Text Alert - Included

    • Magnetic Probe with 50 foot lead
    • Weatherproof Sensor Box for Magnetic Probe
    • Weatherproof Cellular Alarm unit
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