DSC PC1616 Alarm Panel in Metal Enclosure, 6 Zones Exp 16 (PC1616NK)

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    DSC PC1616 Alarm Panel in Metal Enclosure, 6 Zones Expandable to 16

    The PC1616NK is a DSC alarm system board with metal enclosure.  It has 6 on board wired zones, with the ability to expand to 16 zones by adding PC5108 zone expanders.  Typically used to replace an older or locked panel or as a base for a new custom DSC alarm system.

    To add wireless zone capability, add a RF receiver or RFK series keypad with built-in wireless receiver for up to 32 wireless zones.

    DSC PC1616 Alarm Panel in Metal Enclosure Features

    • 6 on-board wired zones
    • Expandable to 16 wired zones using PC5108 zone expanders
    • Supports up to 32 wireless zones using wireless expander or RFK series keypad
    • Supports up to 8 keypads
    • Supports 2 partitions
    • Supports WT5500 wire free keypads with TR5164-433 transceiver

    PC1616 Includes

     1 x PC1616 board in metal enclosure (approx 11x11.75x3 inches)  *lock not included




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