ELK M1XSLZW Z-Wave Interface

ELK M1XSLZW Z-Wave Interface

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    ELK M1XSLZW Z-Wave Interface

    The ELK-M1XSLZW is an Elk-M1 serial expander designed to allow the M1 to connect to Z-Wave devices via a Leviton VRC0P+3 Z-Wave Serial Interface. Z-Wave is a popular, wireless low power mesh networking technology common in the home automation and security network. Common Z-Wave devices include electronic locks, thermostats, light switches and more.

    The M1XSLZW is a serial expander and uses the TYPE 5 databus ID on the M1. This is the same ID as the M1XSP serial expanders. A maximum of 7, type 5 serial expanders can be used with a single M1 controller.

    In general, any Z-Wave device that is compatible with the Leviton VRC0P+3 should also be compatible with the M1. However, some devices may have limited functionality due to design or feature differences.

    ELK M1XSLZW Z-Wave Interface Specifications

    • Activity/Status LED (Orange)
    • Auto-Reset Hardware Watchdog Circuit
    • Addressable (1-7) TYPE 5 Databus ID
    • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts D.C.
    • Current Draw: 31mA
    • Housing: 4.25" x 6.375" x 2.125"
    • Circuit Board: 2.25" x 3.95"
    • Connection to VRC0P+3: DB9M 9 Pin Port
    • Connection to M1: Elevator Screw Terminals (4)

    ELK M1XSLZW Z-Wave Interface Includes

    • 1 X ELK M1XSLZW Z-Wave Interface

    ELK M1XSLZW Z-Wave Interface Support

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