120 DB Siren

ELK SS30 120dB Weatherproof Siren

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    ELK Weatherproof 120dB Siren

    The 30 Watt 12V Siren is weatherproof and capable of reaching a sound level of nearly 120db. This is the loudest siren that we carry and is guaranteed to frighten away any intruders/trespassers that are unlucky enough to set it off. Just connect the siren to any of our driveway alarm receivers. This siren requires a 12V 1A power source if being used with any driveway alarm receiver which does not have a 12V output.

    Weatherproof 120dB Siren Specifications

    • Power Supply - 12V 1Amp (not included)
    • Sound Level - 120dB
    • Adjustable Volume - No
    • Weatherproof

    Weatherproof 120dB Siren Includes

    • 1 - 120dB Weatherproof Siren

    Weatherproof 120dB Siren Support

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    Super Loud Horn

    Utilize horns on security system works great! Very Loud!
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