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Freeze Alarm

Freeze Alarm FA-900E TempAlarm Dialer Pro

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    Freeze Alarm FA-900E TempAlarm Dialer Pro * Discontinued *

    Please consider the HS700E or FGD400 for landline or the Marcell cellular monitoring options as alternatives.


    The FA-900E TempAlarm Dialer Pro provides simple, easy to install protection against freezing, falling or rising temperatures and power failures. The TempAlarm Dialer is great for monitoring your home or cottage.  Add an optional WS04E water sensor and you'll also be able to protect yourself against damage caused by water leaks and flooding. 

    The FA-900E can also be used to monitor temperatures within walk-in coolers, fridges, freezers, computers room or greenhouses thanks to the included temperature probe.

    This deluxe model includes an on-board relay can be remotely controlled by telephone. Connect the relay to a thermostat that has an input for stay/away control and you can use it to turn up the heat on the way to your cottage or when coming back from vacation. 

    It also has an alarm input for monitoring any sort of contact closure or contact opening.

    Capable of calling up to three phone numbers, you can be sure that you'll be notified in the case of a freeze alarm or temperature emergency, prolonged power failure, or if the backup battery needs replacing! This device can also call a numeric pager and leave a message on the pager display, creating yet another convenient method to capture your attention.

    * Note the FA900E is designed to operate on an analog landline (POTS). DSL, digital phone systems and VOIP may work however, dial tone capabilities are required. If you have questions/problems with one of these services please contact your service provider. 

    Added Features

    • Alarm Input for monitoring contact closure or opening
    • Onboard 'Form C' relay for normally open and normally closed output
    • Supports optional WS-04E wired water sensor

     TempAlarm Dialer Pro FA-900E Specifications

    • Monitors for freezing (low temperature) or high room temperature
    • Temperature monitoring range -50 to 300F (-45 to 149C)
    • Included probe on 3 foot wire can be used to monitor fridges, freezers or walk-in coolers
    • Probe wire may be extended up to 90 feet
    • Monitors for power failures (programmable from 1-60 min to alert)
    • Add an optional WS04E water sensor to monitor for water leaks and floods
    • Automatically calls up to three telephone numbers in case of a problem
    • User can call in to check status of power and temperature
    • Includes plug-in power supply. Add a 9V battery (not included) to keep it working in case of a power failure
    • Power-out timer lets the user set how long power needs to have failed before calling
    • User can call in the listen to current conditions
    • Security code prevents unauthorized access
    • User can call in to change programming remotely
    • Custom dialer alarm message
    • No fees ever
    • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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