Freeze Alarm FA-D2 Delux Freeze Alarm Back Delux Freeze Alarm Box FAD2 - Replaced by FA900E
Freeze Alarm

FAD2 - Replaced by FA900E

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    FA-D2 Deluxe Freeze Alarm


    This product has been discontinued. Please refer to the replacement model FA-900E here.



    The FA-D2 Freeze Alarm Deluxe provides simple, easy to install protection against falling/rising temperatures and prolonged power failures. The Deluxe Freeze Alarm is perfect for monitoring your home or cottage for temperature problems and power failures.  Add a WS04 water sensor and you'll also be able to protect yourself against damaged caused by water leaks.


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    great product!

    We bought this for our cottage....and love it. We now receive a phone call if the temperature goes too low or if the power goes out. We also like it that we can call in to the unit to make sure the temperature is ok.
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    Current Stock:
    SKU: FAD2
    UPC: 733876000132
    Wired or Wireless: Wired
    Number of Zones/Sensor Inputs: 1
    Output for Thermostat Control?: Yes
    Backup Battery(ies): One 9V (Not Included)
    Programmable Temperature Alarm Point?: Yes
    Special: Additional Input for motion sensor, water leak sensor etc.
    Dialer: Yes
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    One Year