FGD 0240 Temperature Probe
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FGD-0240 RTD Temperature Sensor for Extreme Highs and Lows

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    FGD-0240 RTD Temperature Probe for Extreme Temperatures - Description

    The FGD-0240 is a 4-20mA temperature sensor used to monitor the temperature in VERY high and low applications. FGD-0240 can be used in -200 to +35C applications. If you're looking to monitor higher temperatures (up to +204C) please contact us with your requirements, the sensor can be calibrated for high ranges.

    When paired with any of the data logging alarm monitors the FGD-0240 is perfect for cold chain temperature monitoring requirements. The temperature sensor is available NIST certified/calibrated satisfying almost any criteria for cold chain temperature sensors.

    Note: 24VDC power supply (such as FGD-0070) required

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