FloodStop 38CD Low Lead
Flood Stop

Flood Stop Dual for Sinks

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    FloodStop FS3/8CD V4

    Water lines supplying water to your kitchen or bathroom faucets can burst, crack or lose their connection causing disastrous water leaks in a hurry. When the FloodStop leak sensor detects water it immediately sounds an audible alarm and closes the FloodStop valve turning off the water supply and stopping the leak in its tracks. With dual valves for connecting to both the hot and cold water lines, this system detects leaks and shuts off the water before it can cause extensive damage!

    The new V4 FloodStop models feature a "Lead-free valve" and built in battery backup using 4 AA batteries* with low battery warning beeps.

    FloodStop 3/8CD v4 Low Lead Specifications

    • Motorized Ball Valves (two).
    • Controller has a backup battery compartment for 4 AA batteries
    • Controller has 1 Normally Open alarm output which will close when water is detected.
    • Controller will beep when water is detected and also when batteries are low or missing.

    FloodStop 3/8CD v4 Low Lead Includes

    • 2 - Solenoid valves with 3/8-inch compression fittings
    • 1 - Controller
    • 1 - Water/leak sensor
    • 1 - AC power adapter

    FloodStop 3/8CD v4 Low Lead Support

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    great product!

    we purchased this for our oldcottage and it has certainly done its job.
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    Current Stock:
    SKU: FS38CD
    UPC: 815361000428
    Alarm Notification: 1 X N.O. Relay plus audible beep
    Sensor Type: 1.25" X 7.5", double sided sensor
    Wireless Alarm Signal from Sensor to Monitor?: No
    Shutoff Valve: Yes - 2 x 3/8"
    Number of Sensors Possible: 6 (Added in Series)
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    One Year