FloodStop Appliance Leak Sensor

FloodStop Point Appliance Leak Sensor With Automatic Shut Off

FloodStop guards your water consuming appliances and supply hoses to protect your property from costly water damage.  FloodStop automatic water shut off systems are point-of-use models designed to be installed near leak prone areas.  FloodStop leak sensors are placed near or around the hot water tank, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, sink or toilet.  When a leak is detected at the water sensor, the FloodStop valve will automatically close and the system will sound an alarm to get your attention. 

The FloodStop controller has an output that can be used to connect it to a phone dialer, email or text alert system, alarm system or automation system.

It only takes a few minutes for serious damage if a pipe leaks or bursts, or an appliance or tank springs a leak.  FloodStop shut of systems stop the water at the source to prevent devastating water damage at your home, cottage or small business.