FloodStop 34H90
Flood Stop
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FloodStop FS34H90 for Washing Machines 3/4" Water Line

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    Floodstop FS34H90 V4 for Washing Machines

    Washing machines can be one of the most damaging appliances within a home. Flooding can happen at anytime due to ruptured/cracked fittings, or internal failure from clamps, valves, pumps, drains and failed switches. Even a small leak that goes undetected for many hours will cause extensive damage! Comprised of two motorized ball valves with a 90-degree outlet, the FloodStop FS3/4H90 V4 is a low-cost device to prevent this water damage from occurring! Easy to install, the system automatically shuts off the water supply and sounds an alarm after detecting the leak, while leaving separate household appliances completely operational!


    Floodstop 34H90 Specifications

    • UL listed class 2 wall adaptor, 115AC/9VDC
    • Motorized Ball Valve: CNC machined.
    • Motor operates at 6VDC.
    • Rated 0-180 PSI. Max 250 PSI. Solid brass.
    • Signal Outputs: 1 x Normally Open
    • Sensor: 1.25 X 7.5 inch, double sided.
    • Additional sensors may be added in series.
    • Alarm: Beeping with Mute button

    Floodstop 34H90 Includes

    • 1 - Flood Stop Model 34H90 Device
    • 1 - AC Adapter

    Floodstop 34H90 Support

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    great washing machine monitor

    I installed this product after having problems with my washing machine leaking. It happened again and the floodstop saved my floor and alot of expenses.
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    Current Stock:
    SKU: FS34H90
    UPC: 815361000114
    Alarm Notification: 2 X N.C. Relays plus audible beep
    Sensor Type: 1.25" X 7.5", double sided sensor
    Wireless Alarm Signal from Sensor to Monitor?: No
    Shutoff Valve: Yes - 2 x 3/4" Valves
    Number of Sensors Possible: 6 (Added in Series)
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    One Year