FloodStop NPT34
Flood Stop

FloodStop FS34NPT V4 for Water Heaters 3/4" Water Line

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    FloodStop FS34NPT V4 FloodStop for Water Heaters

    Water heaters can be one of the most damaging appliances within a home. They're constantly under pressure.  Flooding can happen at anytime due to ruptured/crack fittings or internal failure. Often this damage goes undetected for many hours, allowing it to become much more extensive.  Comprised of a motorized ball valve with NPT threaded unions, the FloodStop model NPT 34 V4 is a low-cost device designed to prevent this water damage from occurring. Easy to install, the system automatically shuts off the water supply and sounds an alarm after detecting the leak, while leaving separate household appliances completely operational!

    The new V4 FloodStop models feature a "lead-free valve" and built in battery backup using 4 AA batteries* with low battery or no battery warning beeps.

    FloodStop NPT34 v4 FloodStop for Water Heaters Specifications

    • UL Listed class 2 Wall Adapter 115AC, 9VDC
    • Signal Outputs: 1 Normally Open
    • Motorized Ball Valves(2): CNC Machined with 90-degree downward outlet
    • Motors operate at 6VDC
    • Rate 0-180 PSI Max 250 PSI Solid Brass
    • Rate 32-212 degrees F
    • Sensor: 1.25 " X 7.5", double-sided. Additional sensors may be added in series.
    • Alarm: Beeping with Mute Button

    FloodStop NPT34 v4 FloodStop for Water Heaters Includes

    • 2 - 3/4-inch solenoid valves (hose threaded with union)
    • 1 - Control unit
    • 1 - water/leak sensor
    • 1 - AC power adapter

    FloodStop NPT34 v4 - FloodStop for Water Heaters Support

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    great product

    after problems with our water heater we purchased this floodstop. it has already saved us one flood..we needed a plumber to install it though
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    Current Stock:
    SKU: FS34NPTV4
    UPC: 815361000312
    Alarm Notification: 1 X N.O. Relay plus audible beep
    Sensor Type: 1.25" X 7.5", double sided sensor
    Wireless Alarm Signal from Sensor to Monitor?: No
    Shutoff Valve: Yes - 1 x 3/4"
    Number of Sensors Possible: 6 (Added in Series)
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    One Year