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Medical cold storage and food cold storage monitoring ensures the refrigerator or freezer is operating within the correct temperature range.  If the fridge or freezer fail temperature rises, a temperature alarm can be sent by telephone, email or text message.

In addition to alarm notification, many of our cold storage monitor systems include data logging.  Logging temperature in the refrigeration or freezer unit will allow the facility to prove that the food or medical contents such as vaccine vials have been maintained correctly to avoid spoilage.

These monitor and alarm stems can report on:

  • Refrigerator temperature
  • Freezer temperature
  • Power failure
  • Equipment failure
  • Security
  • Water leaks


Monitoring one location? Looking for email/text alerts, data logging and WiFi connectivity?

WiFi Refrigerator Alarm

The TEMPSPOT is a simple and effective WiFi temperature sensor which monitors the temperature of your refrigeration or freezer and will send an email or text message in case of a freeze alarm or high refrigerator temperature.  In addition it includes data logging. With the online cloud account simply program in the high and low thresholds for your alarm and receive text and email alerts instantly when the temperature goes out of range!

Refrigerator Alarm

Looking for a data logging and monitoring system capable of monitoring multiple sensors and sending email or text alerts?

sensaphone web 600

The Sensaphone WEB600 is a 6 zone self contained web-based temperature monitoring and logging system. Perfect for monitoring multiple units and applications where data logging is a requirement.  NIST Certified sensors available.

WEB 600 Best Price

Looking to monitor refrigerator or freezer temperature and receive a voice telephone alarm?

alarm dialer

The Sensaphone 1400 is a four zone alarm dialer which provides temperature monitoring and voice phone call alarm messages should an alarm condition in a zone be detected.

Sensaphone 1400

Looking for a cloud based cold storage monitor with data logging?

Sensaphone Sentinel

The Sensaphone Sentinel offers cloud based data logging, email and text alerts in case of alarm conditions including temperature, water, power failure and more for up to 12 sensors

Sensaphone Sentinel