Freeze Alarm

Freeze Alarms - Temperature Alarm

Many of us have not considered the damage or the cost of repairs that could be caused by frozen or broken water pipes; until it happens to us or someone we know.  Broken pipes are often the result of a heat or power failure.  Freeze Alarms can help prevent or mitigate these issues by notifying the owner or property manager when power fails or temperature reaches near freezing.

Water damage is one of the most common, devastating, and costly disasters for home or business.   Water damage from burst pipes over the past decade have accumulated over $ 4 billion dollars of insurance claims alone in the US. Property owners often find themselves with damage that requires a serious amount of re-installation and replacement of costly household components. Use a Freeze Alarm to protect home or business.  For larger scale applications we recommend looking at our Sensaphone solutions.

Prevent Freeze Damage

Often when thinking about property protection, many of us fail to realize that cold weather conditions are as important to guard against as fires or intrusion. This winter, plan ahead.

Homes that are exposed to cold weather can be protected using a Freeze Alarm. These cost effective units can save tens of thousands of dollars in possible property damage. Freeze Alarm Units will alert you if the temperature falls below or rises above pre-programmed levels.

Power Failure Alarms

Freezing temperatures in a home or cottage are often caused by a power failure.  Power failure monitoring is part of many of our systems in addition to monitoring for temperature.

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