Here at Absolute Automation Inc., we understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment which means we are constantly striving to work in the safest and cleanest manners possible. To reduce our carbon footprint and keep our environment as green as possible, we have made the following changes/taken the following actions in our places of business:

green policy


Packaging and Shipping:

  • Reduce Packing materials
  • Reuse Packing materials
  • Recycle packing materials and only purchase biodegradable packing
  • Use environmentally conscious couriers


  • We are constantly working to reduce paper printing and only purchase paper composed of recycled materials
  • Make use of timer-controlled light switches
  • Use natural light as main light source
  • Only use compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Use of programmable thermostats
  • Turn off all electronic devices when they are not in use
  • Installed low flush toilets for staff
  • Use of recycling and compost bins within the office
  • Limit use of air conditioning
  • Increased R-value through window and door seals inspection
  • Green the workspace with air filtering plants
  • Encouraged use of stairs


  • Reduce brightness of computer screens
  • Use power conservation modes for computers


  • Plant native trees on the facility lot
  • Increase the use of perennial landscaping and reduce grass cutting
  • Eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides on facility lawn
  • Rely mostly on rainfall for watering of landscaping


  • Encourage our employees to use environmentally friendly ways of transportations such as walking, bicycling, or public transit whenever possible.
  • Encourage carpooling for when driving is necessary
  • Encourage healthy eating and waste free lunch and snacks
  • Encourage water conservation in washrooms and kitchens


  • Support green charities and organizations around the globe through donations and volunteering

Thank you for your continued support!