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HomeSitter HS700E Freeze Alarm, Heat Alarm, Power Failure, Water Alarm Dialer

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    Freeze Alarm HS700E Homesitter Freeze Alarm, Power Failure Alarm and Water Alarm Dialer

    Monitoring for freezing (low) temperatures, high temperature, power outages AND water leaks, we introduce the Home Sitter Dialer.

    The HS700E will call you when room temperature falls below 45°F or rise above 85°F. 

    You'll also receive a call if power fails so you can proactively address problems that may result from lost power.

    Homesitter will also monitor your home or cottage for a water leak using the attached sensor, preventing potential damage caused by leaks or frozen pipes - and call in case water is sensed.

    When the included leak sensor detects water or a hi/low temperature threshold is reached, the HS700 will dial out to your three designated phone numbers to notify them of the problem. 

    Thanks to a built-in audible beep you can also be notified locally of any disrupted alarm condition!

    Note, this model replaces HS-700 and FA700 series.


    * Note the FA900E is designed to operate on an analog landline (POTS). DSL, digital phone systems and VOIP may work however, dial tone capabilities are required. If you have questions/problems with one of these services please contact your service provider.  

     HS700E Homesitter Freeze Alarm, Power Alarm, Water Alarm Specifications

    • Monitors for hi or low temperatures
    • Triggers below 45F/7C or above 85/29C
    • Monitors for power failures
    • Monitors for water leaks and floods
    • Dials out to up to 3 programmed numbers in case of a problem
    • Built in local alarm
    • Powered by included plug-in power adapter
    • Battery back up by adding 2 AA batteries (not included)

     Freeze Alarm Homesitter HS-700E Includes

    • Freeze Alarm Homesitter Temperature Alarm
    • Water Sensor with cable
    • AC Power Supply

     Freeze Alarm Homesitter Temperature and Water Leak Sensor Support and Downloads

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    Current Stock:
    SKU: HS700E
    Wired or Wireless: Wired
    Number of Zones/Sensor Inputs: 1
    Output for Thermostat Control?: No
    Backup Battery(ies): 1 9V (not included)
    Programmable Temperature Alarm Point?: No (Preset at 45 F)
    Special: Water Sensor also included
    Dialer: Yes
  • Warranty


    One Year