Simon XTi 80-632-3N-XTI Simon XTi
Interlogix GE
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Interlogix Simon XTI Wireless Starter Kit, No Sensors Included

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    For those replacing an older Simon or wireless GE/Interlogix system, the Simon XTi may be the perfect solution.  This package includes the Simon XTi main panel with battery and a plug in power supply and telephone jack.  No sensors are included.  For a new installation please consider the starter kit with sensors instead.

    The Simon XTi supports up to 40 zones (sensors) for burglary or fire protection including door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke detectors, and so on.  It supports GE/Interlogix Cyrstal and Learn Mode wireless sensors.

    Set up and installation is relatively easy, using a menu based programming system.   Operation is also intuitive using on screen icons and menus.  Remote access may be by telephone (phone line) using voice prompts. 

    The Simon XTi can call the end user directly by telephone connection, or it can connect with your alarm monitoring station for professional monitoring.

    Self monitoring is free.  Internet and/or cellular communication would require a paid service from a montoring station or partner.

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