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IVP-DH Optex iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom System

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    Optex iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom


    The Optex iVision+ lets you see who's at the door and answer from anywhere in your property using a battery powered portable hand held intercom.  The portable unit has a built in color LCD screen that lets you see who's there, and optionally have a two way voice conversation without having to get to the door.  Not only that, but image snapshots are stored whenever someone presses the call button for later viewing.

    This unit is perfect for homes and small businesses.

    The front door intercom station can run on batteries or can be hard wired to a power supply.  When wired, the portable intercom can view the door camera any time.  When the front door station is battery powered, the intercom will show the call when the call button is pressed.

    When not in use, the portable station sits in the charging cradle.   Digital wireless voice and image transmission ranges is up to 300 feet line of sight. The iVision+ wireless intercom system includes the wireless doorbell/camera unit along with a wireless indoor handheld unit with built in 2.4" LCD monitor and charging base.


    Optex iVision+ Features


    • Front door video intercom with portable answering station
    • 2.4" LCD screen on portable intercom
    • Video door station can be hard wired to 10-24V power or can run on batteries (batteries and power supply not included)
    • System is expandable - Up too 4 Indoor Units (IVP-HU) and 2 Camera/Doorbell Units (IVP-DU) can be used together in one system
    • Micro USB Port in Handheld Unit for downloading stored images
    • Adjustable Camera Angle
    • "Door Release" Built into Camera Unit
    • Wireless range up to 300 feet line of site.  Obstructions, interference will reduce wireless range
    • System can be triggered to open camera when a wireless signal from the TD-20U is received when used with OPIVPGU Gateway
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    Excellant Picture quality

    Clear picture. Directions need improvement for pairing camera to handheld unit.
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