Burial Splice Kit Open Burial Splice Kit Diagram KLIKIT C8816 - Burial Wire Splice Kit

KLIKIT C8816 - Burial Wire Splice Kit

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    Klik-It - Burial Wire Splice Kit

    The Belden Klikit C8816 is a multi purpose wire splice kit specifically designed for buried or outdoor cable.  The Klickit lets you splice up to 3 pair 22awg wire and is a great choice for telecom applications, as well as splicing driveway alarm wires.

    This is the ideal solution for burial splicing by pros or by yourself! It features a positive latch that "clicks" firmly shut so that you know when it has closed properly. On top of that, both halves of the Klick-It are filled with grease, ensuring that all the splice work is protected.

    Just route and splice your wires, close it and Klik-It !

    Also calledk KlickIt or ClickIt or Clikit.


    Klik-It - Burial Splice Kit Specifications

    • Can Splice up to 3 Pair 22awg Wire
    • Rugged plastic housing
    • Grease-type re-enterable encapsulant
    • Encapsulant requires no pouring or mixing
    • Water resistant
    • Superb strain relief

    Klick-It - Burial Splice Kit Includes

    • 1 x Klickit - Burial Splice Kit

    Klick-It - Burial Splice Kit Support

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