LED Bulb for Alarm Activation
SKU: SH245072

LED Light Bulb - Triggered by Driveway Alarm

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    Driveway Alarm Activated LED Bulb - Description

    The DX245072 is a driveway alarm add on that comes with an LED bulb which will instantly turn on when the driveway alarm system is triggered. Simply connect the included accessory controller to your driveway alarm, than replace any light bulb with the LED bulb. When the driveway alarm is activated the accessory controller will send a signal to the LED bulb having it turn on.

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    Dave Winkel

    Works Great

    I bought this to attach to my Optex Driveway Alert so that I could have a lamp come on when we get back after dark. It was a little tricky to set up but once I got it going it works great. I think it might work well as a security light too.
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    SKU: SH245072