Barn Alarm

Weather you keep poultry, swine, cattle or other animals, Livestock barns require constant monitoring to ensure environmental conditions such as the temperature or humidity do not go outside of their safe ranges at any time. If the power fails, or a fan or compressor fails at any time the results can disastrous to your animals and business. Use one of our Sensaphone alarm systems to monitor for hi and low temperature conditions, humidity levels, feed and water levels, power outages, CO2 levels and equipment failures! If any problems arise receive multiple phone calls to multiple numbers alerting the on-call staff to the problem(s).

Livestock Monitor and Barn Alarms monitor:

  • Hi and Low Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2 levels
  • Poor ventilation
  • Power failure

In case of a problem the owner, operator and staff can receive an alarm message by telephone, cellular, email or text message so the problem can be investigated immediately.  In addition to alarm notification, some systems also support data logging so you can review operational history any time.


sensaphone barn alarm

Sensaphone 1400 offers durability and ultra–low-temperature monitoring. The FGD-1400 monitors up to four environmental conditions, offers alarm notifications for up to eight recipients, provides alarm history reviews, and has remote control capabilities. The 1400’s enhanced features include the ability to sense and issue alarms on ultra-low temperatures down to -85 degrees Celsius, a sealed enclosure for added durability, a rechargeable battery backup, recorded voice messaging, and the capability to monitor 4-20mA sensors.

This is the most popular alarm system for livestock applications, with the NEMA casing it can be installed directly in the barn itself as it is dust and moisture proof.

Sensaphone 1400

sensaphone 400

The Sensaphone 400 (FGD-400) is another popular alarm dialer system. Out of the box; the Sensaphone will monitor for temperature alarm conditions and power outages. There are an additional 3 alarm inputs to connect more temperature sensors, water sensors etc. too.

The FGD-400 is a very cost effective barn monitoring unit. It is designed to be installed in a clean location (such as the front office) wires can be run from the alarm to each sensor throughout the barn.

Sensaphone FGD400

sensaphone Expess II

Sensaphone Express II Dialer offers durability and ultra–low-temperature monitoring. The Sesnaphone Express II is designed for larger operations or those considering growth. It offers alarm notifications from up to 40 points, to up to 48 people

Sensaphone Express II