M538BS - MURS Basestation Transceiver M538BS - MURS Basestation Transceiver M538BS - MURS Basestation Transceiver M538BS - MURS Basestation Transceiver
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M538BS - MURS Basestation Transceiver

  • Description

    MURS Base station Transceiver - Description

    This device is designed to receive an alert signal from a MURS Alert transmitter as well as two-way communications from other transceivers. When the MURS transmitter is triggered, the base will announce a voice message indicating which zone has been triggered.  Up to 4 zones are supported. 

    The M538BS has a normally open (NO) relay contact that will close while an alert signal is being received. This device is unique because it also operates as a two way intercom with other MURS transceivers The M538-BS is equipped to operate on 5 channels, with 38 sub channels. To communicate between two or more MURS radios, the main channel and subchannel must be set to the same values. The M538-BS also has 4 separate call tones that can be used to page other users before starting a conversation.

    MURS Base station Transceiver - Specifications

    • Power Supply - 12V Adapter (Included)
    • Base Station is equipped with an earphone jack for headsets
    • Volume Control
    • One Normally Open Relay - 5A @ 28VDC Capacity
    • 2 Mile Wireless Transmitting Range
    • Frequency - 151.820 MHz - 154.600 MHz (Depending on Channel Chosen)

    MURS Base station Transceiver - Included

    • 1 - Murs M538BS Base Station Transceiver
    • 1 - Power Supply for M538BS

    MURS Base station Transceiver - Support

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