MarCell PRO Cellular Freeze Alarm with Water Sensor, Dry Contact MarCell PRO Cellular Freeze Alarm with Water Sensor, Dry Contact

MarCell PRO Cellular Freeze Alarm with Water Sensor, Dry Contact

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    MarCell PRO VERIZON Cellular Temperature and Power Alarm Monitoring with Leak Sensor and Dry Contact

    The MarCell PRO features Advanced Permissions / Enterprise Views, allowing multiple units to be view in one account and read-only access set up for specified users. Up to 20 Real-time Data / Instant Updates per month included with the PRO subscription. Business Invoicing Capable where multiple unit can be paid on one invoice and PO billing options.

    No telephone line or Internet needed at the monitored location.

    Protect pets against dangerous high or low freezing temperatures.  The PRO version has a temperature range of 0°F - 120°F.

    Protect your property from damage caused by burst pipes from freezing temperatures, failed equipment or power failures.

    The MarCell M2 is a cellular connected monitoring device that monitors for low or high temperatures, freezing, humidity and power failures.  The MarCell M2 is perfect for monitoring homes, condos, cottages, RVs, mobile homes, remote properties, AirBNB rentals or businesses. 

    When power fails or the temperature or humidity rises or falls outside your set range, you will receive an email, SMS text message or phone call right away!

    In addition to reporting in case of a problem, the cellular temperature freeze and power alarm logs hourly data to the cloud service.  Use the web interface to check status, program the alarm points, add or remove alert users and contacts.  Communication is via the Verizon cellular network and can be sent to any device that can receive an SMS text message or email or voice phone call.  Be sure to choose the correct carrier when checking out.  

    In case of a power failure, the on board rechargeable battery keeps it working for 24-48 hours so alerts can still be sent. 

    To provide further protection from costly water damage due to floods or leaky appliances, add an additional wireless water sensor:


    Please note: MarCell requires a subscription service.  Plans can be stopped and started as needed. 

    This affordable service offers the following plans:

    • $14.95 per month (annual plan 12 months) 
    • $24.95 per month (month to monthUse at least 4 months within a year to avoid any re-connection fee ($29)

    Subscription Includes:

    • All cellular connection fees
    • Unlimited phone call, text and email call alerts
    • Unlimited historical data captured and stored


    How often does Marcell report in with temperature and humidity data?

    Current temperature and humidity is checked against your settings every 10 seconds. If the current readings are outside of your “safe range”, an alert will be sent immediately. If readings are within your safe range, they are recorded every hour locally and uploaded every 8 hours to the cloud service for historical logging.  At that point, this data is displayed on the web site in graph or chart form.

    In case of an alarm condition, the alert is sent right away!

    A subscription is required to monitor the property and receive alarm notifications. Service subscriptions are available on a month-to-month or annual basis.

    MarCell M2 Features

    • No Phone Line or Internet required at monitored location
    • Up to 9 separate notifications: Text/email or phone) Plus 2 additional notifications for every water SPUCK added
    • Monitor for hi and low temperature and freezing
    • Monitor for power failures
    • Monitor for hi and low humidity
    • Monitor for water leaks
    • Will send alerts via text, email, and telephone calls.
    • Uses Verizon network to connect to the cloud service independent of your current phone carrier

    MarCell Cellular Freeze and Power Failure Alarm Specifications

    • Power: 110VAC to 5VDC, 2A plug-in power adapter with built-in rechargeable battery backup
    • Base Unit Temperature Range: 10 to 120F
    • Probe Temperature  Range: -20 to 127F 
    • Humidity Alarm Range: 10 to 90% RH
    • Includes plug-in power supply and internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery


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