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Mier DA-606LK Light Kit

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    DA606LK - Mier Timer Control Light Kit

    The DA-606LK is a kit which allows Mier driveway alarm users to have lights turn on when their DA-500 Driveway Alarm System is triggered. The kit complete with a timer control to easily adjust the length of time the lights are on for as well as one wall switch and one lamp controller for activating the lights.

    How does it work?

    The DA-606 Timer Control is triggered from the 24VDC output on the DA500 control panel. When the timer control is triggered it sends a wireless signal which is received by any DA-071, DA-072 or DA-073 devices within range. The devices are all activated until the receive an off command which is sent from the DA-606 Timer Control after the programmed time limit has run up(anywhere from 45 seconds to 45 minutes).

    *IMPORTANT: The signal path from the DA-606 Timer Control to the devices it is controlling must not be obstructed by any metallic objects or mirrors. The wireless signal is sensitive and can be blocked by these.

    DA606 - Mier Timer Control - Specifications

    • 4”W x 5”H x 1.5”D
    • 1.2 pounds
    • Operating voltage is 24VDC
    • Power 2.4 Watts
    • Frequency 315 MHZ

    The DA-071 and DA-072 Light Switch and Lamp Modules are both rated at 300 watts.

    DA606 - Mier Timer Control - Included

    • 1 x DA-606 Timer Control
    • 1 x DA-071 Light Switch
    • 1 x DA-072 Lamp Module

    DA606 - Mier Timer Control - Support

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