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Mier DA051 Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor

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    Mier DA051 Mier Driveway Alarm Magnetic Probe 10' to 2500 ft

    This is a replacement probe for the Mier DA500 driveway alarm system.  Purchase this probe if you need to replace a damaged probe & wire, when you're moving, or if you need a longer length and don't want to splice wires which can lead to issues.

    * This is the probe only - it does not include the control box

    The Mier DA051 Driveway Probe Sensor detects moving metal. When a car, truck or other metal object passes by the probe it creates a disturbance in the magnetic field. They do not have the false alarms common to PIR sensors; such as being triggered by animals, fog and falling leaves. A signal is transmitted to a Mier control box (not included) which alerts you of the visitor. The sensitivity of the probe is adjustable at the control box. The probe detects metal up to within 12 feet of the sensor.

    Mier Products Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection Systems detect vehicle movement in driveways, farm lanes, near workshops or equipment, at remote locations, and at drive-up windows. These driveway alarm systems are also excellent for stationary asset protection of campers, tractors, trailers, gas tanks, etc.

    We carry a wide range of accessories to expand your drive sensor system. Have porch lights come on or other chimes sound when visitors arrive. Please visit our driveway sensors Accessories page. The Mier driveway alarm system is an ideal security tool for both personal and business properties. As well, it is the perfect solution for drive-up window businesses!

    DA051 Magnetic Probe Specifications

    • Operating Probe resistance: 900-1100 ohms

    DA051 Magnetic Probe Includes

    • 1 x Mier DA051 Driveway Alarm Probe (select wire length on checkout)


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    PW O'Neill

    Works with Winland receivers

    Winland no longer makes driveway sensors. When my sensor went out after 16 years, I thought I'd have to replace the whole system. However, I spliced in the Mier sensor and it works great with the Winland receiver. The Absolute Automation people were great to work with and the sensor shipped out immediately. Great price too! It was the only sensor I found where you can get a 10' wire - most products you had to buy at least 100' of wire, adding greatly to the cost.
    james l.


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