DA100-610 Wireless Vehicle Drive Alert
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Mier DA100-610 Wireless Driveway Alert with Contained Vehicle Sensor

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    MIER DA100-610 Wireless Driveway Alert System

    The MIER DA100-610 wireless driveway alert utilizes a wireless vehicle sensor probe and transmitter combined in one.   When the sensor detects a moving vehicle nearby, it sends a wireless signal to the included wireless receiver with built-in chime.  MIER's powerful wireless transmitter is capable of sending the wireless alert up to 1000 feet*.

    The Mier wireless alert is perfect for drive thru and drive up window applications as well as a general driveway alarm system.

    Used more creatively, this system can also be used to detect vehicles driving up to a garbage bin, or even the movement of a metal garbage bin lid being opened and closed.

    The magnetic sensor probe only detects moving metal, so you'll never have to to worry about false alarms from animals, wind, birds, etc.. 


     * 1000 feet open air direct line of sight.  Interference, trees, walls will reduce range.


    MIER DA100-610 Wireless Driveway Alarm System - Specifications

    • Sensor Type: Magnetic Probe inside wireless transmitter casing
    • Wireless Range: Up to 1000 Feet (line of sight, obstacles will shorten range)
    • Volume Control on DA-100CP Receiver
    • Power
      • Sensor/Transmitter powered by 2 x AA Batteries with a one year battery life
      • DA100CP Receiver comes with wall adapter
    • Expandable system



    • 1 x DA-100CP Wireless Receiver
    • 1 x DA610TO Sensor/Transmitter


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