Mier DA500CP Drive Alert Control Panel Mier DA500CP Drive Alert Control Panel Mier DA500CP Drive Alert Control Panel
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Mier DA500CP Drive Alert Control Panel

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    Mier DA500CP Driveway Alarm Control Panel Only

    The Mier Products DA500CP control panel has a 24V output as well as a dry contact output you can choose between to activate different alarms, sirens, chimes etc.

    Use the DA500CP control panel with a Mier driveway alarm probe to detect vehicles entering or leaving your driveway. The driveway probe sends an alarm signal up the wire back to the control box in your home which sounds a whistle to alert you. The probe only detects metal so you will never receive false alerts from animals, people etc. The sensitivity of the probe is adjustable at the control box, as well as the length of time that the whistle will sound.

    For a more pleasant sounding chime tone please consider an additional Mier DA-655 wired chime or a DA-100CP with DA-REPEATER.

    The DA500CP may also be used as a replacement for failed Winland VAL1 systems, where the driveway probe is still functional but the control panel is not.  If you are splicing underground wires be sure to also order a KLICKITC8816 burial splice kit.

    * Please note this is the control panel only.  If you wish to purchase a complete system please see the DA500 driveway alarm.

    Mier DA500CP Control Panel Specifications

    • Input: 120 VAC, 50-60Hz, 3.6 Watt
    • Output: 24 VDC at 100 Milliamps or Dry Contact Relay - 24V/1AMP Maximum
    • Surge protected from transients
    • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
    • Adjustable time control for electronic whistle
    • Operating temperature: 20 F to 160 F
    • Weight: 6 lbs
    • Operating Probe resistance: 900-1100 ohms
    • Solid-state Master Control Panel
    • SPDT relay output built in
    • Red LED power-on indicator
    • Internal electronic whistle with “on-off” switch

    Mier DA500CP Control Panel Includes

    • 1 x DA-500CP
    • UL listed transformer and cord

    Mier DA-500 Control Panel Support and Downloads

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    Dave Williams

    Best security investment

    Installed the Meir DA 500 direct bury drive alarm in the our new home in 1990... had 22 years of uninterupted service until a direct lightning hit took out only the panel. Installed the new panel in 5 minutes and we're good to go.... The best features of system are: long life, no false alarms on the many animals that vistit {deer, raccoons, etc.) Also, an added feature that is not advertised is the system will sound an alarm when there is a Lightning storm approaching. When a large lightning strike occurrs within a few miles the alarm will sound since it senses changes in the electromagnetic field of the earth.
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