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Mier DA505 Deluxe Plug-in Lamp and Appliance Timer

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    Mier DA505 Plug-in Lamp and Appliance Deluxe Timer

    The DA-505 Timer from Mier Products has been constructed in a manner which makes it compatible with any of the other Mier Driveway Alarms currently on the market. This device can be plugged into any wall outlet and has it's own built-in receptacle which can be used to power lights, alarms, sirens etc. and is rated at 10 amps. The best part about this device is how easy it is to install and with its built-in dial you can set the time that you wish for the accessories to activate for from 1 - 45 minutes.

    Mier DA505 Timer Specifications

    • Input: 12V - 24V Input triggers start of timer cycle
    • Receptacle Output: 110V @ 10Amps
    • Timer: Can be set from 1 - 45 Minutes using a dial

    Mier DA505 Timer Includes

    • 1 x Mier DA-505 Timer

    Mier DA505 Timer Support

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    Great add-on to the system

    We purchased the DA-505 to go with the DA-500 driveway alarm system to enable exterior lights when the sensor was tripped. The DA-505 plugs into an existing outlet and has a single plug for any type of fixture. Pros: No wiring experience needed, plugs directly into an outlet and the outlet on the device is powered when the sensor is tripped. Compact metal design that is easy to mount. Can handle up to a 20 amp load which is more power than most will ever need. Cons: The adjustment for how long items stay on is not the easiest to adjust if you need a specific time, not a huge problem as long as you don’t need 10 minutes exactly (1 min to 45 min adjustment). You can use either the wireless sensor (DA-066) which needs contacts or a powered item like the DA-505 for lights, but not both without adding a relay (DA-500LKA) which is not clearly explained anywhere. Conclusion: This is a great add-on to the system which allows you to add lights or other items that need 120 VAC power when the sensor is activated. There is a DA-505W hard wired version which would have been better for my application. We have 2 sets of security lights on the DA-505 and will be adding 2 more, all are running LED spot lights which only use a fraction of the amperage available.
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